The Bobi concept

Bobi Craft was born from the love of handmade. Our ultimate goal is to bring wool and fabric craft to a stage of art and uniqueness as well as supporting poor and disavantaged people to have better lives. Our toys are bringing along not only their cartoon cuteness, but also a touch of reality to your children, helping them to experience the non-digital world, away from smartphones and tablets, the foes of children's creativity.


Bobi Craft is a market leader in exporting wool craft. All Bobi Craft's products are manufactured in line with EN71 standard, the set of specific safety requirements for toys sold in the European Union. Bobi Craft products highly focus on quality, design and concept. This is our targeted competitive stragety.

Our misson

As an young and energic company in the field of handcraft production, we has identified our missions are: - To develop an international standard of premium quality handmade yarn products, to bring a unique beauty to life through our wide range of toys, gifts, and other children's products. - To create jobs, train skills and bring up fair pay for low income people, especially handicaps and unfortunate cases.

Our vision

Our 10-year vision is to become a leading comapny in the file of crafts procuded from wool and fabric, in which 3 sectors: home decorations, gifts, and children toys are key sector. Meanwhile, we develop production and create jobs for people in orphange in Ho Chi Minh city.

Business culture

We are a team of more than 50 young people who love handmade at heart with the passion for details and the enthusiasm for the highest standard. We aim to create the the friendly and openly working enviroment to provide the best place where people could grow their love for creativity and art work. The fair working condition is also what we are always proud of, with equal chance for woman, disable people to develope their career.


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